3001: The Final Odyssey, Clarke's last book in the series.

Frank Poole

Frank Poole, the main protagonist of the novel.

3001: The Final Odyssey is the last instalment of the Space Odyssey book series. It centers around the revival of Frank Poole in the year 3001 and his attempts to save humanity from disaster and to readjust to his new futuristic lifestyle, considering the fact that man has made many technological advances.


For better or worse, life evolves. Basic life forms evolve into sentient beings. The beings produce technology that allows them to destroy themselves or grow beyond the need for material bodies and into a state of higher consciousness.

The human race is cultured by an alien race that searches the universe for other forms of life. This pattern presents humans as a lesser type fighting to gain more freedom from this alien race that monitors and manipulates them.

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