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Space Station V
Space station v
Space Station V


~300 m (984 ft)


~150 m (495 ft) along rotational axis

Average speed

~17,500 mph (5 miles/ second or 7823 metres/ second)

Orbital Period

91 minutes

Rotational Period

61 seconds


~210 miles


2001: A Space Odyssey


USA; USSR; Hilton Hotels

Space Station V was the largest orbital structure ever built as of 2001. It is a large, international, rotating wheel space station, used as a transfer point from Earth orbit to the moon and other planets. It featured an orbital hotel, run by Hilton Hotels; a Howard Johnson's restaurant; lounge areas; and picturephone booths.

Station V 01

One of the lounges inside Space Station V.

The spinning of the station generates artificial gravity, equal to about that of the moon's gravity. This gave travelers from Earth a chance to acclimatize to the low gravity.

Space Station V has two docking bays on either side of the rotational axis of the station. By 2001, the station is still under construction. The first wheel has been completed, and a second wheel is being constructed.

Dr. Heywood Floyd visited Space Station V in 2001 on his way to Clavius Base.

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