Blue space sute

A space suit from the Discovery 1.

A space suit is a form of clothing used to protect the human body from the vacuum of space. Throughout the Space Odyssey film and book series, space suits are used quite often. In 2001, the Space suits used were made of a loose rubbery suit with straps to a Device on the chest and a helmet with a extended point. At Clavius Base, the crew wore white versions of the suit whilst on Discovery 1 there were four suits in different colours: the Discovery pod bay contained red, yellow and blue suits, and a green suit was stowed inside the emergency airlock. The blue suit was never used in the film, and was destroyed in the destruction of Discovery 1; the yellow suit was worn by Frank Poole and sent with him hurtling into deep space; and the red suit was worn by David Bowman and lost when Dave went through the Monolith. These suits could have their visors tinted by the user, to protect against bright sources of light, as used by Bowman during the repair of the AE-35.


  • The blue spacesuit on the Discovery 1 - the only one that was never worn, in either 2001 or 2010 - A replica of the blue suit was later used in the Babylon 5 episodes #1.20, "Babylon Squared" and #3.17, "War Without End: Part 2" In the film version of 2010, the blue suit is missing its helmet - apparently because the filmmakers assumed Dave used it while disabling HAL onboard the Discovery. However, Dave actually used a green helmet, from the green suit which was stored inside the airlock.

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