Tsien was a Chinese spaceship,that appeared in the novel 2010 but did not appear in the film 2010 , constructed secretly in Earth orbit under the guise of being a mere satellite. Tsien is named after Dr. Tsien Hsue-Shen, one of the founders of the United States and Chinese rocket programs.

2010: Odyssey TwoEdit

During the events of 2010: Odyssey Two, Tsien surprises the crew of Alexei Leonov by suddenly taking off for Jupiter at immense speed, to land on Europa.

The Chinese crew planned to use Europa's water supply to refill their propellant tanks to enable further spaceflight (allowing them to exhaust their propellant supply in a terrifically fast approach). However, soon after landing, a Europan lifeform, apparently attracted by Tsien's powerful lights, broke through the ice, destroying the ship, and killing all but one crew member. The only survivor radios a message to Leonov, and is never heard from again.

2061: Odyssey ThreeEdit

By 2061, the native Europans have stripped Tsien of all metal, which is a material extremely rare in pure form on Europa. The Europans have started a small settlement next to the wreckage of the ship, aptly nicknamed Tsienville.