• Pete Viperfang


    May 5, 2017 by Pete Viperfang

    Hey Everybody! This wiki indeed holds some great information and potential, but we should really try to make it more visually appealing... And by "we", I mean the Admin, 'cause he is the only one with the acces to tools such as theme designer. Here are my suggestions for the admin:

    • Adding a background graphic. Even just a black wallparer with stars would be good, but I personnaly think, that the flashing lights seen, when Dave is traveling through the monolith in the first odyssey would be perfect.
    • Adding a graphic wordmark. The title of the wiki in the upper left corner wouldn't really fit with the theme. The wordmark should also only say "Space Odyssey wiki", or "Odyssey wiki", because we are tryin' to include the whole tertalogy.
    • Changing the…
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